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Admission Requirements

Completed Application Materials

A candidate’s application is considered complete when all materials and required steps for admission has been submitted and met, as outlined on the How To Apply section of our website.

Indication of Academic Potential

We require supporting materials in order to assess an applicant’s likely success at AGA School. This evidence includes prior school records (including grades, progress reports and standardized test scores), teacher recommendation forms, and an evaluated campus visit. Individually administered intelligence tests may also be required in our Lower and Upper Primary as well as our Junior High School.


AGA School recognizes that intellectual ability alone does not necessarily determine academic success. Interest in AGA School and its curriculum as well as motivation to attend may often be the determining factors of a student’s performance. Accordingly, the admission committee will consider recommendation forms and the student’s own statements as evidence of intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.

Family Involvement

Our school believes the learning environment for a child is most advantageous to success when there is a three-way partnership with the student, his or her family, and the school. The requirements of a college preparatory curriculum are demanding and students in such a program deserve the strong emotional support, understanding, and encouragement of their parents. In addition, families should actively participate in their child’s education (e.g., attending scheduled conferences with faculty and other school meetings affecting their child’s educational, developmental and/or emotional growth). The admission committee will review recommendation forms as well as responses to interview questions to determine the history and extent of family involvement.