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downloadInformation Communication Technology (ICT) education is said to hold the key to the country’s economic transformation and a tool for effective teaching and learning.

But teaching of the subject in many schools remain a big challenge, mainly due to the lack of computers.

At the Lekpongunor Presby Primary School in the Dangme East district, teachers use their mobile phones in teaching the subject due to the lack of computers.

Mr Felix Gamer, a primary six teacher at the school, told Weekend Finder that they have to improvise with their mobile phones in teaching the subject.

He lamented that although teaching of the subject is practical, where pupils are expected to have a hands-on experience behind the computer, the teachers are forced to deliver the lessons in theory.

He said, for example, if the lesson is on how to use Word document, the teacher opens the application on his mobile phone and passes it on to each child in the class to at least have a look at how a Word document looks like.

“We teach most of the ICT topics in theory because we do not have a single computer to teach the children”, he said.

Headmaster of the school, Mr Stephen Amanor Tei said although his teachers have attended various workshops aimed at adequately equipping them to effectively teach the subject, they are handicapped because there are no computers to teach the subject.

Since the introduction of ICT in the new educational reformed basic school syllabus, pupils in public schools, who form the majority, find it difficult to assess the computer.

The situation is more serious in the remote areas of the country where most pupils have not had the opportunity to see and touch a computer.

Source: The Finder