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download (1)The University Students’ Association of Ghana (USAG) has described the decision of government to halt the employment of graduate nurses from private institutions as clearly discriminatory, selective and intimidating to Ghanaian students.

The association, an official mouthpiece of all universities, said private university students like public university students are also Ghanaians either by birth, marriage or documented adoption and must, therefore, be given the same opportunity in job placement.

“We are humbly pleading with the government to officially review this perilous posture with total expedition,” Henry Nkosuo Boakye, USAG president said.

Giving reasons for their call, USAG said the unfortunate decision will not only hinder national development, but will cause a huge brain-drain and Ghana will have no moral right to speak against it since the people involved will be seeking greener pastures abroad.

“Nursing students in private universities are also of the same quality and value as those in traditional universities because the lecturers that train those in the government universities are the same lecturers who teach at private universities and the same accreditations board grants accreditation to all of them; be it private or public,” he said.

Mr Boakye further justifying the associations call said authorities and owners of private universities contribute to the development of Ghana by paying 25% corporate tax annually and private students willingly pay various taxes which add up to the development index of Ghana.

“For these reasons, we will not and can never accept this outlandish segregation levelled against nursing students who are trained in private universities.

As a country, we believe education is the key to national development, so why are we treating the educated as a threat to the development of the Ghanaian community?” he asked.

USAG also accentuated that it will not accept any spell of selectiveness, segregation and discrimination in the sharing on national cake.

“We call on the government to redress this injustice, inequality and outright disrespect for the constitution of Ghana which also determines their election and appointments to lead this country,” he concluded.

Source: Daily Guide